Montessori School Vs Traditional School

  • School meets needs of the students.
  • Curriculum is structured for each child.
  • A discovery model of learning where students learn concepts from working with materials.
  • Multi-sensory materials for physical exploration organizes program for learning care of self and environment.
  • Children are encouraged to speak and work in groups.
  • Congnitive social, emotional and moral development emphasis.
  • Uninterrupted work cycles.
  • Teacher acts as a facilitator.
  • Mixed age groupings.
  • Child identifies own errors from feedback from the educational material.
  • Students fit mold of the school.
  • Curriculum is structured for the whole class.
  • Learn only from instruction.
    No room for discovery.
  • No organised program for self-care.
    Left primarily upto parents.
  • Children usually work silently at their desk.
  • Social development emphasis.
  • Block time.
    Period lessons.
  • Teacher lectures.
  • Same age groupings.
  • Teacher identifies errors.