The play school curriculum is planned to foster and stimulate the child’s senses in order to develop a better understanding for various concepts that divided into following parts/areas.

Practical life 


The activities in this area help the children to become independent by using the material provided for self-help skills. The activities contain materials that are used and seen in day to day life eg. Pouring water, cutting vegetables cleaning and arranging tables for meals are a few to list. This area of learning mainly helps the children to develop self-confidence, gross motor skills and concentration.




The purpose of this area is to give the child an environment that is rich to awaken the sense that play a vital role in the learning process. Some of the equipment provided in this area are pink tower, brown stairs, cylinder blocks different textured material etc. Made up of natural aesthetic material i.e. wood. The activities involved in this area also help as a base for skills required to master mathematics.




Language is an important tool for communication. All the activities planned in this area provide opportunities to develop vocabulary, reading and writing skills. Stories, I spy game, phonetics, word puzzles are some of the activities offered in this environment, to hone the child’s language skills.

Note : Activities mentioned will be presented according to age.




Maths is introduced to the child in a unique and concrete way through the Montessori material specially designed to aim at this area in which the child learns simplest to the complex concepts involved in mathematics. The child is free to learn and use mathematical materials such as beads, number cards, geometrical solids, spindle boxes etc.

Note : Activities mentioned will be presented according to age.




We help the child to expand their general knowledge and a better understanding about the world with the help of the various materials such as globe, world maps puzzles etc. The children here are also sensitised towards the environment by offering them activities such as sowing seed cleaning and picking up of dry leaves.

Note : Activities mentioned will be presented according to age.